We all like to look our best. The desire to enhance our natural beauty is timeless and ageless. And every woman has experienced how sometimes just a touch of the right makeup in the right place can be truly transformative – it can build our self confidence, our feelings about ourselves, and what we project to others.
We believe that beauty should not come at the expense of our health. Our belief is that what we put on our skin should be simple, pure ingredients formulated from Nature herself. We proceed from this awareness, with the hope and intention to contribute to the wellbeing and beauty of our clients.


Since 1987 Aveda has provided woman from all over the world with a cosmetic line that not only enhances your natural beauty but that cares for your skin and the earth. Our mineral based products consist of fruit-derived emolliants to boost moisture and plant-derived anti oxidants to help fight free radicals. We are always looking forward to hearing from you, for more information and to set up a consultation contact one of our team members who will be more than happy to assist you.

Makeup Application – $50.00
Strip Lashes – $15.00
Individual Lashes – $30.00

The Perfecting Plant Peel can be used on all skin types and is clinically proven to provide the instant exfoliation and radiance benefits of a 30% glycolic peel, without the associated redness and irritation. The perfecting plant peel is a 2-step system that retexturizes the skin by exfoliating dull skin cells, smoothing lines and wrinkles, balancing skin tone and refining pores to restore youthful radiance. This system includes a liquid spray-on toner which works to prepare and soothe the skin along with a thermal masque that delivers superior exfoliation and the use of Argan leaf extract and organic Aloe Vera to help eliminate the redness and irritation typically associated with other peel treatments resulting in silky smooth skin, minimized pores, and a more even-toned balanced complexion

Aveda Perfecting Plant Peel – $35.00***
***$25.00 with any service

Free your Skin! Tweezing is really time consuming and painful, shaving cuts the hair off and because shaving often creates a sharp tip, it can help the hair to grow back into the skin resulting in ingrown hairs or what is also known as “razor bumps.” Effective, long-lasting and as painless as possible, waxing can flawlessly and quickly arch a brow and remove other hair instantly! Regularly scheduled treatments will result in a decrease in hair growth and our relaxing waxing rituals provide effective hair removal while ensuring maximum comfort. Make sure to let us know if you are using any doctor-prescribed skin-care products or taking any medications, so we can check for any contradictions.

Brow Wax – $15.00
Lip Wax – $10.00
Chin Wax – $10.00
Cheek Wax – $10.00
Neck Wax – $15.00