Advantages of Hair Spa Treatments

Are you having a bad hair day? Like all the time? Having a bad hair day lowers self-esteem. It makes you feel ugly with all those dull, frizzy, and tangled hair. All of us would [...]

Hair Care 101: How to Treat Extra Dry Hair

Extreme weather conditions, your diet, and all the stuff you put in your hair are all culprits in drying and damaging your hair. Although our body can provide natural oils for our hair, oftentimes, this [...]

Revamp Your Hair With These Effective Tips

Revamp Your Hair With These Effective Tips “Hair is the crowning glory of women.” You have heard this over and over again, but it’s true. Even in Holy Scriptures, the books say the same. Gorgeous [...]

Are you in need of a makeover?

Are you tired of flat, lifeless hair? Or perhaps you are sick of your unmanageable hair and don’t know what to do with it. Well come to the Client Hair Studio and have one of [...]

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