Extreme weather conditions, your diet, and all the stuff you put in your hair are all culprits in drying and damaging your hair. Although our body can provide natural oils for our hair, oftentimes, this is not enough. To treat extra dry, damaged hair, follow these expert tips provided by hair experts.

Keratin treatment

Laden with amino acids and often lauded as a “miracle”, this protein has the power to rejuvenate, recover, restore, and revive the strength and moisture of your locks. No matter how damaged your hair gets from shampooing, coloring, and other hair styling tools, keratin can bring back the healthy condition of your hair. And even if your hair is in good shape, keratin can still make it even stronger and healthier.

Deep conditioning

Invest in good conditioners or better yet, have salon experts do the job for you. At The Client Hair Studio, your hair will be treated as a queen. Whatever your hair problems are,  they will always be attended to and repaired successfully, especially dry, damaged hair. With their deep conditioning process, you can enjoy your healthy hair all over again in just a few hours compared to homemade dry hair treatments that provide results after several days.

Hydration treatment

Since your hair is all dried up and damaged, it is crying for hydration treatment. There are different types of hydration treatments and hair experts will have to assess your hair first in order to decide which one is best for you.

And last but not least, seek professional help such as The Client Studio. While home remedies might work, there is no guarantee that it will work for your hair type. Hair professionals are there to evaluate the condition of your hair and find out the real cause of damage. With this, they can decide on how to treat your hair successfully, with no trials and errors.