Who says that short hair cannot look stylish? It is easy to maintain and you can style it the way you want if you know the right tricks. If you cannot manage long hair and want to look super stylish, here are a few styles for you.

Chin Length:

You can make out from its name. Chin length style is a style where the length does not go beyond your chin. If you want to get the best possible results you should make sure to give a wave like appearance to your hair. You can wear this hair style both in professional as well as casual attires. If you want to have a great hair style you can use curling irons and rollers.


Like all the other short hairstyles, this hair style needs minimum maintenance. It is so because you just need to wash it. If you want to shape it you can make use of hair products. If you want to maintain this look for a very long time, you are required to trim every 5-6 weeks.

The Bob:

This is great because there are different ways. For instance, you can go in either layered or blunt cut. Also, you can wear this hairstyle with/without bangs. All those who want to wear the dramatic look can make it super stylish. You can apply high-gloss polish.

Sexy Soccer Mom:

This short haircut is longer in the front (just about the chin length) and shorter from the back. If you want to get a fabulous look you can make spikes by using hair sprays and gels.


This hair style is worn only if you are very confident about yourself and do not hesitate in wearing a weird look.