Our Core Values

At The Client Hair Studio, our primary focus is our clients . This means that we are always striving to better your experience by improving our services and your care.

We guarantee our work and will always work with you to achieve the best possible outcome.
Our core values make us who we are.

We believe in treating every person with the utmost care and respect.
We believe our clients deserve the highest level of service we can provide and that we have a tremendous level of responsibility for the proper servicing and satisfaction of each guest.

We also believe that we have the ability to help our clients look and feel their very best: a treat everyone deserves. With our constant education, we can give the best to our Guests at the Client Hair Studio.

“From where you stand, there is opportunity as far as the eye can see. That is what our mission is all about… exploring new ways and techniques for bringing out the best in design, style and beauty.”

Denise Costello, Owner
The Client Hair Studio